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RON LAWRENCE - Program Director


Granite Peak Ski Team Academy is a winter sports academy for aspiring ski racers.  The Granite Peak Ski Team (GPST) has been operating since 1987 and boasts multiple US Ski & Snowboard Junior Championship Team members and Wisconsin State High School individual champions, along with several collegiate athletes.  Our academic program will feature a student-centered, personalized learning environment where each student is tutored by Coach Ron Lawrence (Wisconsin State Certified Teacher).  The winter term tutorial program allows all academy skiers the opportunity to pursue their athletic dreams in the winter, while maintaining their school and home life in the fall and spring.


The Granite Peak Ski Team has built a remarkable system where our dedicated student athletes can train over 100 days on snow with US Skiing Certified coaching staff, while also maintaining a rigorous academic experience.  Students can begin as soon as December 1st, for early season training to prepare for an exciting competition season.  With six days of on-snow training, our student athletes have an unlimited opportunity to pursue their athletic dreams.

Each morning, when they are not on the hill, our student athletes will benefit from one-on-one tutorial program that delivers their curriculum in a setting based on where they have set their educational goals.  Coach Ron will work with them in their subject areas, and we will keep our students on par with their “home” school program.  It will be a personalized academic experience.


The Granite Peak Ski Team motto is: “…Building Champions for life, through ski racing!”  Colleges and Universities seek strong goal-oriented students who passionately pursue their personal best.  These are the qualities that the Granite Peak Ski Team Academy will foster in our student athletes, while developing individuals with a strong work ethic, self-disciplined, resilient, and independent.  The Granite Peak Ski Team Academy will be transformational in how we will put the needs of the student/athlete in alpine ski racing above the needs of being a “great” racer.  We will focus on developing the person AND the athlete.  We will demand that our coaches are trained and certified in alpine ski racing fundamentals, but also held to a standard of excellence.  Our coaching staff will be trusted not only for Alpine Ski Racing specific, but their dependability and connection with the athletes.  Each Academy athlete will be evaluated and trained in motivation, communication, and being a positive role model. 


The Granite Peak Ski Team Academy athletes will take advantage of one of the “TOP” on-snow training venues in the Mid-West.  The Exhibition Race Venue is second-to-none as far as terrain, safety and availability to our athletes.  The surface is specially maintained for our athletes in mind, and we are able to train all the SPEED elements, long with Slalom and Giant Slalom.  It is one of the only Race Training Venues in the U.S. that we are allowed to train Super-G throughout the season with Rollers, Jumps, and Turtle Shells to work on their balance and speed within a controlled environment.  The availability to this venue is seven (7) days a week with training available all day long into most evenings.


  • WINTER QUARTER – Student athletes have the option to move from their present public school and/or private school setting into a “Virtual” second and third quarter school year option with the Granite Peak Ski Team Academy.  The student athletes would go to their home (Public School and/or Private School) the first and fourth quarter of their school year.  The Granite Peak Ski Team Academy will work with the student athletes’ school of choice and help them maintain their classes while they are going to school at the Academy.  Coach Ron will work with the students on the Virtual homework, so they are not missing any of their work when they return to their home school.
  • HOMESCHOOL OPTION – Student athletes that are homeschooled will be able to continue with their course work while having the advantage of training at the Granite Peak Ski Team Academy.  Coach Ron will work with “Homeschooling” material chosen by their parents, so that each student can maintain the level and pace they have set to complete their academic year.  This will give the student athlete the opportunity to train on a daily basis, while maintaining the academics and not falling behind.
  • SCHOOL/TRAINING OPTION – Student athletes will work out an abbreviated attendance schedule with the school of choice either Public School or Private School (1, 2, or 3 days a week) and attend the Granite Peak Ski Team Academy on the other days they are not in school.  Coach Ron will work with their school of choice so that they can maintain their grades and class work on the days they attend the Academy.  This will provide the athlete with the opportunity to train on a more individualized weekly basis, with a core group of athletes, yet be able to stay in their “home” school district. 
  • ACELLUS ACADEMY – Student athletes will enroll in the ACELLUS Academy Student/Athlete program ($79/month with ACELLUS Academy).  It is a fully online accredited school.  6,500 public schools are using the courses that are provided by ACELLUS Academy in their curriculum.  ACELLUS Academy provides courses that are completely self-paced, allowing students to work at their own schedule and at their own pace.  ACELLUS Academy provides a rigorous academic experience that is individualized and tailored to each student athlete’s unique learning needs.  Coach Ron will be able to monitor the student/athletes’ learning on a daily basis.  Courses work will be from 8AM – 12NOON each day.  Afternoon and Evenings will be set aside to for the student athlete to take part in daily on-snow training activities on the Granite Peak Ski Team race venue.
  • ADDITIONAL DAILY TRAINING OPTION – Student athletes will attend occasional weekday practices 1:30PM – 8PM that their public and/or private school setting will allow.  This would be available to all Granite Peak Ski Team members and “visiting” team members (excluding GPST Development Team members) to train with a core group of dedicated Student athletes on one of the best On-Snow training venues with US Ski & Snowboard certified alpine ski coaching staff.


The Granite Peak Ski Team Academy has been developed to help athletes living in CENTRAL to remain in Central and get the supplemental training and support needed to complete at a National Level without leaving their “home” Region.  This is meant to be an affordable option to moving out West or East.  Granite Peak Ski Team Academy can provide training in SG, GS & SL.  Each athlete has an Individualize Educational Plan (IEP), along with an Individualized Athletic Plan (IAP).  Parents are informed weekly on the Student Athlete’s progress, both academically and athletically.

Each athlete will remain with their “HOME” club affiliation, while receiving the additional training that they are seeking beyond their training at their home resort. 


Housing is the responsibility of the parents of the athlete, while there is limited housing available through parents of ski racers in the Wausau area, it is best for interested Parents & Athletes to reach out to Coach Ron for possible options (906-282-6001).


  • Each Granite Peak Ski Team Academy athlete must first purchase an Academy Membership - $800
  • Parents of Athletes may purchase a “Block” of time.  Each day at the GPST Academy is $150.
  • EXAMPLE:  Parent/Athlete would like a 14-day training “Block”. 
  • 14 days X $150/Day = $2,100 + ($800 Academy Membership) TOTAL = $2,900
  • Parent/athlete can purchase any number of blocks throughout the 2022-2023 Season under one Academy Membership.